Your House Has a New Year’s Resolution: Air Quality

air quality

Every year on the new year, we make a few quiet promises to ourselves. Most of us resolve to be nicer, or to exercise more. Some resolve to get that promotion, to step up in their relationships, or to learn a new hobby they've been dreaming about. But did you know that you can have a new year's resolution for your house as well?

In fact, you probably should. Every year, your quality of life could be getting better. If you make it a goal and stick with that goal throughout the year, you could even see some obvious improvements in your day-to-day life compared to last year. Maybe you'll resolve to redesign your backyard to become your little oasis escape. Or finally build those shelves in the garage you've needed for ages. Or, if you want to help the entire family, you can make your resolution to improve your home air quality.  

Air Quality as a New Year's Resolution

Air quality is one of those invisible quality-of-life things we don't notice until it's significantly better or worse. Your air quality is controlled by particles so small that we can't see them. Dust, allergens, lingering moisture. We notice when a house gets musty and that wonderful refreshing smell when it has been aired out. But do you know how much air quality impacts your every-day life?

Improving your home's air quality over the course of a year can do some incredible things, especially if you stick to your new year goals. Take a moment to imagine an entire year of sleeping more deeply every night. Or a year of fewer allergies at home because your air is constantly being filtered and refreshed. Ready? Let's go!

Start With a Full Cleaning

The first part of your year-long plan for home air quality should be to clean the system. The best way to reap your rewards is to make sure there is very little dust currently inside your home HVAC system. Try to fluff and vacuum every inch of carpet and upholstery in the house. Was any curtains that have been hanging up and open the doors to the chilly winter air for a few minutes to air out the house.

It may also be the right time to change your air filter and, if it's been a few years, to get your air ducts cleaned of old dust. This will make sure your house is in the best possible condition at the beginning of your year of cleaner, fresher air.

Set Your Maintenance Schedule Early

Next, design your maintenance schedule. Few people remember to keep up with the maintenance for their integral home appliances, but this year is your chance to do it right. Rather than waiting a few months from now when you'll inevitably forget, set up a schedule right now. Make a plan to get your HVAC system maintained at least twice this year, about six months apart. In fact, you might even consider scheduling it with your local home HVAC service so that they have it on the books and will remind you when the right time comes around.

To get started bright and early, we suggest starting your new year with an HVAC inspection ASAP. This way, you can get a clear idea of whether you'll need repairs this year or if everything is humming along nicely.

Change The Filters On Time

After you've had your system cleaned and maintained, it's time to do your part to support clean air in your home: Change the filter. Your home air filter needs to be changed once every 3-9 months, depending on the design and how much dust gets filtered through. But if it's left in place too long, the filter can become clogged and unable to filter any more dust out of your HVAC.

The best way to make sure that you can easily keep up with filter changes is to buy a pack of filters at the beginning of the year. With this tucked neatly in your utility closet, it will be easy to simply set up calendar reminders to change your filter and take care of this chore on the exact day that your previous filter 'expires'.

Reap Your Reward All Year Long

Finally, you get the wonderful experience of incredibly clean home air all year long. With a well-maintained HVAC system and fresh new filters on schedule, you might even be amazed at how much better this year will be compared to last year. You will suffer from fewer allergy symptoms at home. You will recover from illnesses faster because it will be easier to breathe. And you will sleep more deeply and happily than ever before. Because with every breath, you are breathing almost no dust or pollen at all. And much less than was in your house last year.


So should your house get to have a new year's resolution? Here at Dust Goblin, we think so! Help your house to keep its resolution for impressively clean air and high air-quality all year long! For more ideas on how to maintain amazing air quality this year, contact us today or check out our blog!

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