Your Clean Air Oasis

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Even if you do not live in a heavily populated and highly polluted area such as Southern California, where regular air quality warnings are blasted to the region to warn youngsters, seniors, and others with delicate conditions to avoid going outdoors and breathing the air, you are still likely regularly exposed to levels of pollution that your grandparents never endured or suffered. 

If you are not sure of the air quality level in your state, you are well advised to learn how good (or bad!) it actually is. Unless you want to escape civilization, move out into the forest, and live off the grid (which is always harder than it sounds), you need to face the air quality conditions that seem to continue deteriorating as the years roll by.

How to Counter Bad Air Conditions

You could take extreme actions such as wearing a pollution mask whenever you go outdoors (which is highly popular in China and Japan these days) to offset the bad air that everyone inhales whenever they are outside.

Another option is to avoid being outdoors as much as possible, but such avoidance is merely an acceptance of the problem and an admission of defeat.

An extreme option that older people sometimes take is the use of a portable oxygen tank. Of course, that becomes yet another piece of equipment that needs to be lugged around, making outdoor excursions even more complicated and cumbersome than usual.

While masks and oxygen supplements can be lifesavers for those who are negatively impacted by poor outdoor air quality, there is another simple step that can be taken that is a move in the right direction.

While most people think their home is a safe haven, if an air filtration system has not been installed in the house, you are collecting your own supply of stale and unhealthy air in the place where you spend the majority of your time.

Creating a Clean Air Oasis in Your Home

Surprisingly, acquiring and setting up an air filter system in the house is both easy and affordable. Once the investment into a quality air filter system has been made, the maintenance is simple and fast to perform whenever needed.

Having a good supply of replacement filters and using a simple calendar system to remind you when it's time to put in a new filter is about as complicated as the process gets.

Even more impressive and reassuring is when you inspect your replaced filters. There is a degree of comfort and a high level of relief when you see all of the pollution, dust, dander, and other harmful elements that seem to float invisibly has been captured by your air filter.

Knowing that the filter caught what you would otherwise have likely breathed in is the best confirmation that your air filtration system is doing its job.

The Key to an Ideal Air Filter System

While each air filtration system might offer some special bells and whistles, such as automatic on/off options and air flow settings, the heart and soul of any air filter system are the filters being used within it.

Even the most expensive air filtration system can be brought to its knees through carelessly selecting inferior air filters for installation.

This does not mean that the most expensive air filters are particularly the best air filters for your system. While price may be a factor, attention should be paid to the materials used in the filter.

And this is where the Dust Goblin stands above the crowd of inferior competitors; because their exclusive multi-layered fiber design has ten times the thickness of other air filters, it has been proven through independent testing to capture as much as five times the dust!

If you are ready to breathe better and feel healthier, it's time for your own air filtration system. Just be sure that you equip it with the best air filters available: Dust Goblin! Contact us to learn more and get started in creating your own oasis at home!