What is Fresher Than Fresh Air?

fresh air

We all have had those moments where, out of nowhere, we feel stuffy-headed and are acutely aware of the stale and motionless air we have been breathing for the past hour or so. Our first thought is to get outside and grab some fresh air, knowing that clean air clears the mind and energizes the spirit.

Ironically, if you live in or near any metropolitan area (like the majority of the population), you are not very likely to get really clean or fresh air. Sure, a breeze on your face is always appreciated but if you saw a scientific analysis of the filth in the air that is blowing onto your skin, you may not feel so refreshed after all.

More Than a State of Mind

While it may appear that the so-called fresh air you encountered outside still offered a sense of refreshment, in the long run it isn't doing anything to improve your health by breathing better air.

Sure, a change of scenery can stimulate your mind and perk you up but don't lull yourself into a false sense of being proactively healthy by being a fresh-air freak in a polluted city. It is almost as absurd as a person claiming to be a vegetarian because they only order fries with their sodas at fast food restaurants.

The good news is that no one needs to be deprived of fresh and healthy air in their home or workplace, no matter what their outside environment offers to the general public. Through proper placement of quality air filters throughout the interiors of houses and offices, users are surprised to discover that they feel better, often in nuanced yet clearly describable ways.

Of course, the most noticeable difference is the air quality. People will say that the air feels fresher, there are fewer lingering odors, and they feel as if they are thinking clearer. They also report feeling less tired as the evening ends and wake up more refreshed in the morning.

Those who use makeup remover pads discovered they were less dirty during their nightly cleaning ritual; this is because the air filter is capturing more of the grime and dirt floating through the air instead of it making camp on human skin.

Quality Matters!

Once a person has lived with a good air filtration system, it's hard to go back. In fact, it is rare for air filter users to give up such a good thing. Even a mediocre air filter system is better than breathing in fetid and stale air and getting used to the odors that regularly hover in the atmosphere, but your best bet is to simply find the top brand and recognize that the money spent is an investment in a healthier home or office.

This is where Dust Goblin comes into the picture. Just like the name infers, this air filter is a MONSTER in the industry, but does it all at an incredibly low price. You can literally get on your way to a clean healthy environment for less than $10.

And once you experience how the Dust Goblin has improved your personal environment, you will love this critter even more. Because it is not just a low cost solution; it is a high results performer, capturing as much as five times the dust as other brands.

Your Air Filter ROI

Finally, do not forget that your money is truly an investment in more than good health and a happier demeanor. By improving the quality and cleanliness of the air you breathe, you increase the likelihood of reducing germs and bacteria in the air, which in turn can logically decrease common illnesses like colds and flu.

So even if you are only spending $10 per month, consider also what you are NOT spending each month on cold relievers and allergy tablets. Ready to feel better and save money? Contact us today and let's put your own Dust Goblin to work!