Weirdly Insightful Gifts for Your True Love on Valentines Day

 valentine day gift ideas

It's the new year and all you forward-thinking love birds know what that means: Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Whether you're trying to plan the perfect date, a whirlwind adventure, or have been asked by your partner to 'wait for the surprise', it's hard not to get excited about Valentine's day. It's the one day in the year when you're allowed to declare your love for each other to the world. Or secret off some place and spend all day alone together.

But no matter what your actual plans for the day are, no doubt you want to find something special to give your special someone. A gift that will show them not only how much you care, but also how deeply you know them as a person.

Well chocolates and flowers are romantic, but they're not actually that personal. We suggest instead of going for poetic, show your true love how well you know them by choosing insightfully unconventional gifts that only you could know they wanted. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Perfect Pair of Sneakers

Your beloved has one pair of sneakers or work shoes that they couldn't live without. These shoes are worn every single day and, quite frankly, they're pretty worn out. As far as you know, they've had the same pair of shoes for years with zero plans to cycle them out for a new pair. No matter how badly needed that new pair might be.

If this sounds like your true love, then your special valentine gift could be 'cloning' a new pair of the exact same shoes your partner can't let go of. Do your research to discover the brand, size, model, and exact color.

Wait until your partner falls asleep to check their favorite shoes against your search results. Use eBay if you have to, and find a perfect replica of those favorite shoes when they were new. Your beloved will know for certain that you know what matters most to them.

A Sweater-Clad Hot Water Bottle

Your beloved is always cold. They are constantly turning up the thermostat until you are starting to sweat. And if the room isn't warm, your special someone is always wrapped up in sweaters and blankets. They frequently mention that they are cold at school or while at work. And an important part of your relationship may involve the sharing of body heat from you to them.

If this sounds like your true love, then it's a good thing they have you to keep them warm. While you can't cuddle them warm all day, every day, you can give them a gift that provides a delightful source of body heat all day long: A hot water bottle. Set in the lap, a hot water bottle acts like body heat, keeping your partner warm without the need of heaters or sweaters.

Show your special someone how much you care and understand their personal challenges with the warmest of possible valentine's gifts wrapped in a red valentine's sweater.

Something-Of-The-Month Club Membership

Your beloved is delighted and adores one particular thing. Perhaps they are a voracious reader of crime novels, collect turtle statues, or can't pass over a new pair of fun socks. Whatever they love most, they like a lot of it and are always looking for a new variety of their favorite thing.

If this sounds like your true love, then you can give them a gift on Valentines Day that keeps giving all year long. Of-the-Month clubs have been sending joke ties, scented candles, and artisan cheeses to people for decades.

And your beloved might just be the ideal recipient of something silly-of-the-month. If you guess correctly, expect to be thanked once every month for the next 12 months for your insightful Valentines gift.

A Cutting-Edge Air Filter

Your beloved is constantly seeking a solution to their allergies. In fact, allergy management has become a way of life. They have tried every over-the-counter antihistamine and several prescription ones as well. While allergies come and go outdoors, your time at home is always peppered with sneezes and your beloved would be much happier relieved of their allergy troubles.

If this sounds like your true love, you can become their knight in shining armor against allergens invading their home. While you can't cure allergies, you can banish them from the air with the help of a powerful modern air filter.

Gifting an air filter for Valentine's day only seems silly until you consider how much more fun you can have together without constant sniffles and sneezes. Give your beloved the gift of clear sinuses and dry eyes this year and show them how much you really understand their struggles. And how you can help in a long-term practical way.


Valentine's day doesn't have to be about following traditions of wining, dining, chocolates, and flowers. Every couple is unique, and the two of you have a special bond that no box of chocolates could ever accurately reflect.

This year, give your beloved something unique, insightful, and so personal it couldn't have come from anyone but their true love. And if you need an incredibly high-quality air filter for your baby, Dust Goblin is here with your knight shield against the allergens and dust mites. Contact us today to learn more!