Top 5 Houseplants that Clean Air

houseplants that clean air

Did you know that house plants do a lot more than just sit around getting watered and looking pretty? It might be hard to believe, but they're actually doing you and your family a big favor!

We have all heard that the trees outside take the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, and turn it back into oxygen; they can also absorb other toxins, such as formaldehyde, pesticides, and cigarette smoke.

This is all part of the plant's process called photosynthesis, where the leaves absorb light and gases in order to generate energy for growth; house plants are no different!

Toxins are No Joke

In our world of vehicle emissions, synthetic products, chemical applications, it's not hard to imagine that the air is heavily clouded with unhealthy inhalants. These tiny toxic particles floating through the air are called volatile organic compounds, and we breathe them in every day. VOCs are linked to various illnesses ranging from mild to deadly, depending on the severity of the toxicity levels.

One of the best ways to clean the air of pollutants is, of course, to install a air filter; but you can also help improve your air quality by growing a variety of houseplants.

As the leaves absorb toxins from the air during the process of photosynthesis, the plant uses what it needs from the light and carbon dioxide, and then neutralizes any extra harmful elements that involved. In this way, the plant systematically filters the air, and then releases pure oxygen back into the atmosphere.

What's Your Style?

So, are you ready to start growing some houseplants? Some varieties are better than others at cleansing the air, and some are easier or harder to care for. Here are 5 plants with a wide range of diversity that are easy to care for, and can fit into any home; we think you'll really like them!


  •  Areca Palm Plants, for example, are a great option for an indirect-sunlight location; they do an excellent job of air purification, and add a new level of elegance to the room.


  • Chinese Evergreens are another very popular choice for removing toxins; not only do they clean the air efficiently, but they are also easy to care for, and can tolerate a higher degree of neglect than most other houseplants. 


  • Another option with a more exotic appearance is the Snake Plant (no, it doesn't attract snakes); this sun-loving plant is an expert at filtering out a great deal of air pollutants, making it a favorite across the country.


  • Aloe Vera Plants are also quite valuable in the home; not only for the air, but also a variety of other health treatments such as liquid tonics and sunburn care! 


  • Orchids are one of those plants that seem to intimidate people; but they are actually a very low-maintenance option that are very beautiful as well! Orchids put clean oxygen into the air and remove harmful toxins. They are a unique and noble flower that has captured the attention of botanists all over the world; who knows, you may end up getting involved in an orchid society!

Clean Air is Yours to Have! 

It doesn't stop there; hundreds of plant varieties are available to help rid the air of invisible VOCs and generate clean oxygen; it's the earth's way of renewal, and you can take advantage of it by bringing the greenery into your home!

Have any questions about air purification? Dust Goblin has been providing valuable information to the public and cleaning the air of harmful toxins for over 25 years, and is still going strong; the testimonials of our clients speak for themselves!