The Dust Goblin Air Filter

Experience Leads to Innovation!

Dust Goblin is a premier product of NC Filtration – a proven industry leader with over sixty years of manufacturing experience. Our commitment to delivering quality products means the monsters under your bed don‘t have a chance!


Our Better Experience Means Better Air In Your Home!

Our Subscription Service Means You Won't Forget to Replace Your Filters Because We Will Send Them When You Need Them! Automatically!


A Tested Solution – A Testament to Unsurpassed Performance!

Dust Goblin’s multi-layered fiber design with adhesive backing is ten times thicker, and has been independently tested and proven to out-perform pleated filters by holding five times the dust!

filtration diagram

10 + 5 = AMAZING!

Our filters are ten times thicker and hold five times more dust!

filter decorator

With a MERV 8 rating, Dust Goblin is the perfect storm of design and function, by inhibiting microbial growth while reducing the overall strain on your HVAC system! 


Dust Goblin filters are color coded by size to make selection fast and convenient. Custom sizes are also available.

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