New Year, New Filter, Fresher Inside Air


Your HVAC air filtration system maybe doing more harm than good. A lot depends on the type of filter you use, and how often you change your air filter. A clean air filter does more than control the dust in your home. Let's take a look at a couple things our Dust Goblin air filter will do for the quality of air in your home.


Is your current air filter putting your family's health at risk? 

Allergens, as we know, make us miserable with watery eyes, sneezing, sinus infections, coughing and headaches. Have you noticed that your symptoms abate when you are away from home? You may only be mildly allergic or may just need to change your air filter. Let's see what is hiding in your current air filter. 

  • Dust, which is mainly dead skin cells, (not a very appealing thought), invade your home and there is little you can do about it. If there are many people living in your home there is a lot of dust.
  • Mold spores, which may have entered your house with the beautiful, real, Christmas tree you purchased. According to an article in, Dr. John Santilli says, "Mold growth is common in the area surrounding outdoor foliage," he goes on the say, "the presence of a live Christmas tree may be contributing to indoor mold." Other research studies have found that a single Christmas tree may bring more than 50 different types of mold spores into your home.
  • Pollen, this is an allergen that we believe we are more familiar with. However, if you think it only attacks us in the spring, you are wrong. The only season in which there is no pollen is winter. According to, Springtime pollen is anywhere from January through April, caused by various tree species. Summertime pollen is grass pollen, and Fall is weed pollen. Pollen allergy sufferers may not suffer from all three different seasonal pollen, but remember if you have not changed your air filter, it is still hiding in your home.
  • Pet dander, we are not saying get rid of mittens the cat or muffin the dog, we know they are a part of your home and heart. But, if you suffer from pet dander, know that these guys they may be adding to your misery. Animal dander is also dead skin cells, which are shed with fur or feathers. Almost all pets shed, so that means almost all pets share their pet dander. There are ways to curtail it, such as regular brushings, these should be done outside, but there is no known way to eliminate it completely and keep your pet. 

How often you should change your air filter

The only way to keep your inside air it's freshest, is to use the best air filter available. One that is more absorbent than any other filters on the market. In addition, it is recommended that air filters should be changed every 90 days in the average American home.

Add one pet and that number decreases to every 60 days. More than one pet, or if anyone already suffers with allergies, that filter should be changed every 20 to 45 days. 

Using Dust Goblin insures fresher inside air due to it's superior design. It is 10 times thicker than other filters and this gives it a greater collection surface.  Dust Goblin filters are manufactured in North Carolina, and made with only products found in the United States.

Our exceptional product is taking the industry by storm. We are happy to bring to you cutting-edge technology, and fresher inside air quality, please contact us with any questions or to order your own innovative inside air filter.