It’s a Danderful Life

danderful life

(With thanks to the Frank Capra movie classic, "It's a Wonderful Life")

Meet George Bailey. He is a true and authentic patriot: he embraces the American flag, apple pie, man's best friend, and man's best friend's worst enemy (the cat, of course). While flag waving and dessert eating pose no problems for George, his furry friends are a different story. 

Of course, he loves his (three!) dogs and (two!) cats but is not so crazy about the sneezing, coughing, and runny eyes that seem to come hand in paw with his fuzzy family members.

It got so bad, that George was tempted to boot out his beloved family and live his life as a lonely bachelor, but what kind of life would that be for him?

Instead, George pulled out his laptop and started searching for all of the reasons why his four-footed friends are stirring up such miseries and making it hard for him to breathe and relax.

The Story of Dander

It did not take long for George to identify the main culprit: dander. While George suspected all the floating fur and clumps of hair were triggering his allergies, he was surprised to learn that fur alone is not the reason for the stuffiness and wheezing he was enduring daily.

In fact, fur simply serves as an ideal carrier of dander, which is composed of minuscule and often microscopic skin flecks. When the flakes of skin are large enough to be visible, it appears as dandruff on your animals (and yes, on your own section of fur: the top of your scalp!). 

Once George gathered this valuable information, he realized that even short-haired pets will still produce and distribute dander around the home.

Also, while regularly vacuuming up all the pet hair throughout the house can help to reduce the dander, since microscopic pieces are floating in the air, this task will not completely resolve the problem of breathing in dander.

George quickly realized that just because most dander is undetectable due to its microscopic size does not mean that it will not wreak havoc in a household, especially when humans with allergies to dander are sharing that space.

Meet the Monster That Loves Dander

Fortunately for George, his research also unearthed the perfect solution: installing an air filtration system in the home. At first, his focus was on getting a good quality air filter at a fair price, but after he identified and ordered an excellent system he discovered that the real key to eliminating dander successfully is by using the best air filters.

It didn't take long for George to discover the Dust Goblin, the monstrously powerful and effective air filter that loves dander as much (if not more than!) George loves his apple pie.

These filters pack in ten times the thickness of other filters, sucking the dust deep within instead of letting the dander and dirt accumulate on the surface of the filter. Not only does this design allows the Dust Goblin to perform better than its competitors, it also extends the life of your air filter system by putting fewer demands on it.

It's Now a Wonderful Life for George

Since George has met and adopted the Dust Goblin, which he refers to as his five pets' best friend, life is much more wonderful than before.

Of course, George continues his routine of regularly sweeping and vacuuming up the excess pet hair, but now that he knows the Dust Goblin is happily munching on the excess and diminutive dander that thought it escaped the clutches of George's cleaning, life could not be better!

If your life is not so wonderful due to uncontrolled and excessive dander, do yourself and your pets a favor and adopt your own monster: the Dust Gremlin. Want to know how to get started? Contact us today and we can get you going on your own dander elimination campaign!