Baby Air Purifier – Better Home Air Quality for Your Infant

baby air purifier

Whether you have a brand new baby or are still waiting to deliver your little bundle of joy, setting up a safe home environment is crucial. From the day your little one comes home, their health and immune systems will be affected by your home environment. 

Even before you need baby gates and outlet protectors, you will want to make sure that your baby is surrounded by hypoallergenic toys and is breathing safe, clean air.

The air quality in your home matters a great deal for infants because their little immune systems are not fully formed yet. Dust mites, pollen, mold, and even pet dander can cause babies to get very sick if they breathe too much of it.

Meaning it's time to do a serious air-audit of your family home. Fortunately, the Dust Goblin team is here to help you get those dangerous little specks of dust out of the air so your little munchkin can breathe safely when you bring them home from the hospital.

Dust-Free Bedding

When it comes to baby safety, always start with the bed and any other furniture they'll be interacting with regularly. Not only do you need safe materials and non-toxic paint, you also want to think about baby's mattress and bedding.

Always start with a new baby mattress, even if you accept a hand-me-down crib. This way, you can be sure there are no lurking particles in the mattress that your baby will soon be breathing.

Wrap both the mattress and any pillows in hypoallergenic covers and choose safe organic sheets and blankets for baby. This will reduce the dust and make your baby's bedding resistant holding contaminants like dust mites and pollen.

Steam Clean the Carpets

Most rooms used for nurseries have a carpet. While this can be great for floor play time, old carpets can hold a lot of air contaminants from dust to pet dander.

And a normal vacuum just doesn't get it all up. To make sure your carpet is safe for baby (and every step isn't blowing more dust into the air) pick up a steam cleaner that washes and pulls old grime out of the carpet or a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Baths for Every Pet

Speaking of pet dander, the cleanliness of household animals has never been more important. Dogs or cats, make sure that your pets are thoroughly washed and brushed so that they are not shedding fur and dander around your baby. When brushing animals, do so away from the baby and carefully vacuum the area afterward.

New HVAC Air Filter

And, of course, the best way to make sure your entire home has high-quality air is to check your HVAC air filter. Many homes haven't had an air filter change in years, possibly even decades.

And a clogged filter means that not only are contaminants still floating in your air, but old contaminants may actually be coming off the filthy filter. Dust Goblin is the best choice for a home with a brand new baby because our filters will gobble up even the smallest dust particles and spores.

Humidifier and Air Purifier

Finally, pay careful attention to the air quality in your baby's nursery. Infants spend most of their time napping and playing in their room so manicuring air quality here will make a big difference. You may want both a humidifier-dehumidifier and a localized air purifier to fine-tune the air quality of the room where your baby sleeps.


Bringing a new baby into the world is one of the most magical challenges anyone can experience. As a new parent, it's your job to not only make sure your baby is clean and fed and loved, but also that the air they breath is good for their still-developing little lungs.

With the help of Dust Goblin and these smart parenting preparations, your baby should be perfectly safe breathing the air in your home whether they're sleeping peacefully or wailing with all their little might. For more home air quality tips, contact us today!