A New Air Filter is the Perfect Time to Dust Your Entire Home

new air filter

Most people don't realize this, but home air quality is a complex system of dust sources and dust filtration. Some aspects of your home, like air filters and house plants, reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home while other aspects collect and even produce dust. 

You may think that the amount of dust in the air is solely determined by the efficiency of your air filter. But it is also determined, moment to moment, by whether a 'store' of dust has been released.

When you step on a dusty carpet, sweep dust up from an untouched surface, or flop into a chair that has not been sat in for some time, dust will poof up into the house.

Releasing the Dust

At this moment, when dust is released into the air, two things happen. First, the dust and allergens become a part of your air and, temporarily, the home air quality reduces significantly.

You will likely find yourself with the strong desire to sneeze which is why, when dusting a room left alone for too long, it's best to wear a covering over your nose and mouth. However, this is also the beginning of an important exchange.

The second thing that happens is that your air filter finally has a chance to get at all that dust that has been hiding in the fabric of your furniture and on undusted surfaces.

How Dust Reaches the Air Filter

You see, as fantastic as your air filter may be, even the best air filters can only remove dust from your home that is actively in the air.

When that dust flows through the air, it is slowly pulled toward your air filter by way of the HVAC intake fan.

This is a large vent somewhere in your home that pulls air inward instead of blowing it out. Inside, as you may know, is the air filter whose job is to filter all the dust out of the air before it enters your HVAC and the vent system. 

Over time, all the air in your home is eventually cycled through the filter and, with a great filter, all the airborne dust and allergens are removed. But while your filter is excellent at removing dust from the air, it can't actually remove every speck of dust from the entire home. Not without your help, that is.

A New Air Filter: The Perfect Time to Dust

There is dust hiding in your home. In the furniture, on the upper shelves, in the corners, and even on the walls. Thorough home dusting has fallen out of style but this also means that there is always dust lurking, waiting to poof up and make you sneeze when it is finally disturbed. But there is a perfect time to dust, and you don't have to wait for spring for a big Spring Cleaning way.

In fact, the best way to get all the dust out of your home is on your very first day with a new air filter. If you have recently installed a brand new powerful filter or will do so soon, then it is the perfect time to dust your entire home and take that air filter for a whirl.

Vacuum your carpet, shake out your furniture, and try to get a dust cloth onto every high and unused surface you can find. Oh, and cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief, this could get dusty.

Finally, crank up the vent on your HVAC so the intake is working at full power. With a bright light, you might even be able to see all that newly airborne dust migrating into the filter, never to trouble your home again.


Our Dust Goblin filters can handle anything your home dust can dish out. For more tips and tricks for beautifully clean home air, contact us today!